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Willkommen bei Schmotzer

Willkommen beim Erfinder der Hacke

We were once pioneers with our idea of using a weed control hoe.
With the invention of the field syringe, the chopping technique was overshadowed.
Today, society's focus on chemical agents is sharpening
and puts increasing pressure on farmers to find alternatives.
Today, more than ever, we have met the challenges of the industry
and perfected our products accordingly.
Whether organic or conventional agriculture
- SCHMOTZER has the right solution.

"Then as now - the original".
Under this motto, we will start the year 2020 with you.



Dr. Rainer Resch

100 years of Schmotzer

"We believe in a healthy future for man and nature. With our flexible solutions that are created together, we are shaping the responsible agriculture of tomorrow."

That is what we stand for.

Ein kleiner Exkurs in die Kunst der Hacktechnik

"What comes next
it when hacking
actually on?"

Technical white


  • Narrow knife breast, because the heap effect of the chopping tool must not be too large
  • Uncovering the weeds with vibro effect – these slightly springy elements allow for flatter and more accurate depth guidance with better crumbing and weed regulation
  • The working width of the hoe must have the same number of rows as the seed drill
  • The exact series guidance of the hoe is the most important point: camera-controlled systems make precise guidance enormously easier


  • As early as possible, if the weed is too developed, the chopping depth is too large and too deep a break in the capillary in the seedling takes place
  • Too deep chopping causes the danger of causing sleeping weed seeds to germinate
  • Flat, root-friendly, capillary water-friendly and even chopping brings maximum success
  • As deep as necessary, as flat as possible (2-3 cm)
  • Always observe the depth of the seed when chopping blinds


  • Hacking works optimally under dry conditions. If the soils are sufficiently dried, clogging-free work is guaranteed.
  • To prevent chopped weeds from growing again, it is recommended to chop only if no rain is reported.
Pflanzenschutz will gelernt sein


attached to the weeds at the collar

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