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Welcome to SCHMOTZER

Welcome to the inventor of the hoe

Once we were pioneers with our idea to use a hoe for weed control.
With the invention of the field sprayer, hoeing technology was relegated to the shadows.
Today, society is more acutely aware of chemical agents, putting
farmers under increasing pressure to find alternatives.
Today more than ever, we understand the challenges faced by the
sector, and have perfected our products accordingly.
Whether it be for organic or conventional farming –
SCHMOTZER has the right solution.

"Then as now - the original".
Under this motto, we will start the year 2020 with you.



Dr. Rainer Resch

100 years SCHMOTZER

"We believe in a healthy future for man and nature. With our flexible solutions that are created together, we are shaping the responsible agriculture of tomorrow."

That is what we stand for.

A small excursion into the art of hoeing technology

"So what does really
matter when it comes
to hoeing?"

Technical white


  • Schmale Messerbrust, denn die Häufelwirkung des Hackwerkzeugs darf nicht zu groß sein
  • Freilegen des Unkrauts durch Vibroeffekt – diese leicht federnden Elemente ermöglichen eine flachere und exaktere Tiefenführung mit besserer Krümelung und Unkrautregulierung
  • Die Arbeitsbreite der Hacke muss die gleiche Reihenanzahl wie das Sägerät haben
  • Die exakte Reihenführung der Hacke ist der wichtigste Punkt: kameragesteuerte Systeme erleichtern eine exakte Führung enorm
Operation white


  • As early as possible, if weed development is too advanced, the hoeing depth is too great and the interruption of the capillarity for the seedling is too deep
  • Hoeing too deep poses the risk that dormant weed seeds can be stimulated to germinate
  • Shallow, root-friendly, capillary water-sparing and uniform hoeing delivers maximum success
  • As deep as necessary, as shallow as possible (2-3 cm)
  • For blind hoeing, always pay attention to the placement depth of the seed
Weather white


  • Hoeing works best under dry conditions. If the soils are dry enough, blockage-free work is ensured.
  • To prevent exposed weeds from growing again, it is recommended to hoe only if no rain is in the forecast.
Plant protection has to be learned

Mechanical methods

to get the weeds by the roots

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Themed event in Leipzig!
On January 27 2020, a themed event is taking place at BBG Leipzig, "Change in the crop management sector – two fundamentally different methods that aim for the same goal".

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